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The Carhartt Automobile

Founded by Hamilton Carhartt (pictured left) in Detroit, Carhartt Inc. has been making durable work apparel since 1889. Carhartt became the clothing brand of choice for numerous railroad workers during the turn of the century, and the company’s apparel later became a common uniform for construction workers, farmers, and numerous other blue collar trades.

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Who Made That French Press

Apparently the French developed “The French Press” – who knew?  In another installment of The Story Behind the Brand, comes a brief history on the French Press.  A must read for all you coffee lovers.  Enjoy this short story with your favorite cup of Java! “From the beginning, the French devoted more attention than any […]

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Who Made That Charcoal Briquette?

Who doesn’t like a backyard barbecue on a beautiful summer day?  Reaching for the hibachi and loading it with charcoal briquettes.  Fanning the flames until the briquettes are glowing and ready.  But who invented the charcoal briquette.  Chances are you used the one brand of briquettes found at most retail stores – Kingsford. Here is […]

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Who Made That Twitter Bird?

Today it is ubiquitous with social media – “that little blue bird” logo for Twitter.  It has a history and it’s told here in another interesting edition of The Story Behind the Brand as told by the New York Times Who Made That. Tweet Tweet! “Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter,” the social […]

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Coin Check!

A beautifully designed and built coin can elicit feelings of power and a sense of reward.  What follows is a story about the Challenge Coin as told by 99%Invisible   Look for the Challenge Coin today. 99%Invisible The United States Military is not known for being touchy-feely. There’s not much hugging or head-patting, and superiors don’t always […]

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Company Founders

What does the diesel engine and Kentucky Fried Chicken have in common – both were founded by two very strong willed individuals.  This is the story of Rudolf Diesel and Harland Sanders – two visionary founders and legends who have created unique brands in their own way. As told by Terry O’Reilly in Under the […]

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The Story Behind the Brand – WD-40

Have you ever had a rusty bolt that you just couldn’t budge.  Chances are you may have reached for that iconic blue/yellow can of WD-40 for help.  That’s right – Water Displacement #40 (WD-40) was created in 1953 by the Rocket Chemical Company. Here is the Story Behind the Brand as written in their words.  […]

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The Story Behind the Brand – BAND-AID

We’ve all had them – an unexpected annoying cut.  We’ve all reached for them – BAND-AID Bandages, those little adhesive cotton pads to help stop the bleeding. This Story Behind the Brand looks at the origin of BAND-AID Brand Bandages as told by the company.  Since 1920, BAND-AID has been helping people world wide with […]

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The Story Behind the Brand -NIKE

45 years ago a brand was born.  A brand to change all brands – NIKE.  Today Brian Grazer – Oscar and Emmy winning Producer and Best Selling Author tells The Story Behind the Brand.  We hope you enjoy this fascinating look into the life and work of a brilliant brand developer – Phil Knight. Knight […]

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