Carhartt Arctic Wool Heavyweight Boot Sock (A3915)

Style #A3915 (1 PACK)

Retail Price: $23.99

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We challenge you to find a warmer or drier sock than this high-wool, boot-length performer. Wool’s amazing thermal regulation, vapor transport, and odor resistant properties are highlighted in this Carhartt® design. Built at the ideal weight to fit comfortably in boots and still provide maximum warmth, this sock is also reinforced in the heel and toe to resist abrasion and extend durability. Spandex and a non-terry vent reduce bulk at the ankle for comfort. Try this sock and you’ll understand why wool has long been the preferred cold weather fiber for outdoorsmen. Contents: BRN, HGY & MSS 85% Wool, 6% Nylon, 1% Spandex, 8% Other Fiber NVY 87% Wool, 7% Nylon, 1% Spandex, 5% Other Fibers

Available Sizes: L, XL

Available Colors: BRN-Brown, MSS-Moss, NVY-Navy, HGY-Heather Gray

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